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Hidden ARt, Museum of Contemporary Art

Saturday, 16 June 2018


“An extension to the Vivid Sydney Hidden ARt Augmented Garden installation at Kings Cross, the Hidden ARt Museum invites the public into the Museum of Contemporary Art to see the work of TAFE NSW students from the Nepean Arts & Design Centre - Kingswood.

Mixing real world art with computer generated art and sculptures, students have used texture, light, colour and modern media to create a visual wonderland exploring people, places, planets and dimensions at one of the city’s most loved creative spaces.

The Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging and Diploma of Screen & Media students along with their teachers have explored other dimensions to their work and have gone in search of people, places and planets that explore the visual possibilities. 

From the photography section we have urban explorers finding locations that are never readily seen to capturing expressions of style and creativity; the 3D artist explored the virtual and the fantasy worlds that we have in our minds and bought them into existence in 3D form. The textures as the markers come from the surroundings of Nepean Arts & Design Centre - Kingswood at TAFE NSW Western Sydney Region and the students were tasked to explore the textures around them that they may not consciously see each day and to bring them alive in the rubbings that become portals to the hidden Art.

iPads will be available at the event to view the Hidden ARt.”

Hidden ARt, Museum of Contemporary Art