Blue Mountains Portraits 2023

Video Portrait: Lynn Daniel

In 2022, after drought, fire, and two years of pandemic lockdowns and social isolation, Kindlehill School principal Lynn Daniel wanted to do something beautifully social, ecological and healthful to help reconnect the school community with the natural environment. So began an investigation of how the small water cycle could be restored within the school’s environment to replenish our connection with nature, keep water in the soil, draw down carbon and increase resilience to drought and fire.

In this meditative video portrait, Lynn sits in the school’s new Bush Circle while a fine rain falls and the mountain mist settles. It is here in this space that the rain capture has started, with students planting natives and the school community taking part in landscaping and working bees to keep water in the soil and on site.

Says Lynn: “Let’s learn from water and soil and nature’s primary life cycle, to regenerate and to restore relationships with nature, with spirit and with community.”

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