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Black & Blue 2

Saturday, 29 August 2020 — Sunday, 27 September 2020

“Six years after its first edition in 2014, Black and Blue returns to continue the creative exploration of dark and mysterious stories from the Blue Mountains.

Artist and curator Faye Wilson has paired visual artists, writers and historians to respond to tales – tall and true – collected from the region’s folklore and history. The creative responses include artist prints, installations and multi-media work, shining a light on curious events, fascinating figures, and crime or misdemeanours uncovered from a range of historical archives, and are complemented by a selection of historical objects from the surprising collection of the Mount Victoria Museum. The original prints from the first Back & Blue exhibition, which were acquired for the Cultural Centre’s Collection will also be on display.

Participating artists and writers are:

Craig Billingham, Emma Brazil, Stuart Clark, Brendan Doyle, Kate Fagan, James Gordon, Kathy Hale, Vanessa Kirkpatrick, John Low, Judith Martinez Estrada, Peter Minter, Beth Norling, Mark O’Flynn, Annabel Pettit, Michelle Rickerby, Tohby Riddle, Michael Robinson (aka STRANO), Nancy Sarno, Mandy Schöne-Salter, Michel Streich, Marty Walker and Faye Wilson.

A Blue Mountains Cultural Centre exhibition. Developed and curated by Faye Wilson”

Black & Blue 2
Black & Blue 2