Marty J. Walker
Photographer b. 1970

Artist statement

To me, photography is more than documenting a scene – it’s elevating the everyday with new ways of seeing. An extreme sensitivity to sound highlights my visual focus; it drives my work and accentuates what I see around me as I move through the streets of Katoomba. This heightened awareness of my immediate surroundings is what stops and compels me to make work.

With the movement of clouds and changing light, I don’t see a shop window, but a series of ephemeral scenes that capture reflection, repetition, subtle texture and nuanced form. I’m seeking beauty on a different level, an image that will not exist in a minute or an hour; a scene reflected and refracted that will, most likely, go unnoticed by anyone else.


Marty J. Walker is a Blue Mountains-based photographer who resides in Katoomba. He is an observational photographer who likes to capture the built environment, the movement of people through public spaces, and occasionally, their reactions to one another. This approach lends itself to his favourite kinds of image making: social documentary and street photography.

His work is held in public and private collections, and he has exhibited widely, including at Australian Life (as a 2019 finalist), Head On, The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Blue Mountains Cultural Centre (Above The Clouds, Out of the Fire, Blue Mountains Portraits and With Every Breath), Gallery One88 (Captured Live) and the David Rex-Livingston Gallery (About Town).

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Email: [email protected]